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And here is the weekly “omg we met Robin” conversation between Stirling and me. haha It’s still like “Wait… Did that actually happen?”. Even more so now that it’s been 2 weeks actually.

haha i think we’ve had this conversation almost everyday since lol

I’m still saying that about Tom nearly a year later. You girls don’t even know the world of pain you’ve given yourselves.




Oh yeah, and I’m looking into a jean vest that I can put buttons on. Thinking I may need a trip to Goodwill within the next week. If I don’t find one (which I’m sure will be the case), I’ll just buy a cheap jeans jacket and cut off the sleeves, I guess.

I can see you in that.


lmfao! I wouldn’t button it up. That dude looks like Aaron Rodgers, though.

Oh no, Uncle Rico is far better looking.

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