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can we talk about need your love live tho like fuck it’s good normally but what i’ve seen from concert vids it’s fuckin unreal live

like ricks solo is nasty in the best possible way, you listen to it and you’re like shit dude i need a cold towel and robins vocal is somehow richer and sexier than on the album and toms rumbling bass is somehow amplified obscenely and tom and ricks call and response near the end of the song is like fuuuuuuck

Man, it’s like having sex with them watching this live. Really powerful. Takes you away.



lol @ this girl reviewing records saying the song heaven tonight would be a song to do drugs too bc it’s dark but like the point of the song is a warning to not do drugs

Is it a warning? Or is it just a story? Just because the outcome is a bit scary…

Oh where’s the fun in that, when we could debate for decades on the meaning!

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