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Museum of Death

The Museum of Death is a self guided tour, lasting approximately 45 minutes to an hour, but those who can stomach it may stay as long as they’d like. At $15 a ticket (with free parking), you can enjoy an entire section dedicated to Charles Manson, the severed head of serial killer Henri Landru, original crime scene photos from the Black Dahlia murder and much much more. This place is a serious trip. There’s nothing else like it. Go.

Address: 6031 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA

I know  I want to

I love when this appears on my dash. I want to go there so fuuuucking bad!!!!

it is so badass

I’ve been there!

'tis on the list already.

little-arabella asked:

The age I'm sending you for that thingy is going to be... Hmmm... 24. :D

mmm….definitely lots of Radio Birdman and Deniz Tek. Probably photos of Sydney and how much I want to live there. Lots of bitching about my boss who nearly drove me to a nervous breakdown. Maybe me showing off my tattoo (can’t remember the exact age I got it) and telling everyone it will be the one and only tattoo I’d ever get LOL!


Sandora Ruiz (Art By Sandora) and her comic art.

[FRA] Je l’ai découverte il y a quelques jours car elle avait “liké” certains de mes posts sur instagram. En allant sur son profile j’ai vu qu’elle dessinait quelques toiles. Certaines sont à vendre si ça vous intéresse.

[ENG] I discovered her a few days ago because she liked some of my posts on instagram. By going to her profile I saw that she drew some paintings. Some are for sale if you’re interested.

Follow “Art By Sandora” on the web: Facebook / Instagram .

My Links(follow me): Art / illustration / Marvel / DC Comics .

Cute paintings by a cutie. Someone double dipped into the talent pool. Gorgeous.

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